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D.O.T. Certified Hoses made in minutes!

Don't settle for costly OEM/Dealer brake hoses! EVCO House of Hose now assembles & distributes D.O.T. Certified brake hoses. Because we own the unique equipment to produce OEM quality, D.O.T. approved brake, your assemblies will be economically priced and ready in minutes.

  • Hydraulic brake hose to suit any type of vehicle
  • All hoses comply to D.O.T Standard FVMSS106
  • Every hose pressure tested to 3000 PSI
  • Original Equipment Quality

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Brake Hose Quick Facts

  • The average life of a break hose is six years
  • Brake hoses deteriorate from inside as well as the outside
  • Moisture is absorbed into brake fluid systems through brake hoses
  • Contaminants in brake fluid act abrasively on the inner wall of brake hoses
  • The brake hose reinforcing fabric deteriorates through expansion and moisture
  • High operating temperature in brake systems contribute to the deterioration of hoses
  • Brake hoses swell with age and restrict flow
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