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Camlock Coupling Type A : Male Adapter X Female NPT Thread

Application: Type A fitting is commonly threaded onto a pipe, threaded hose end or manifold system, which is connected and disconnected on a regular basis. Type A fittings are designed for liquids and dry bulk. Never use Type A fittings in steam or compressed air service.

Camlock Type A Product Specifications

Item IDDescriptionSales UnitQuantity
100-A-AL Camlock - AL 1 in male x 1 in FNPT EA
125-A-AL Camlock - AL 1.25 in male x 1.25 in FNPT EA
150-A-AL Camlock - AL 1.5 in male x 1.5 in FNPT EA
200-A-AL Camlock - AL 2 in male x 2 in FNPT EA
200-A-SS Camlock - SS 2 in male x 2 in FNPT EA
250-A-AL Camlock - AL 2.5 in male x 2.5 in FNPT EA
300-A-AL Camlock - AL 3 in male x 3 in FNPT EA
400-A-AL Camlock - AL 4 in male x 4 in FNPT EA